Woodworker Willie ( Bill Dopson )

Several years ago, I saw two beautiful pieces of wooden art
hanging on the  wall in the home of a good friend in
Langly B.C.  ( Ken Simpson ) As I looked at them, I thought
that this art form was something that I would like to try.
When I arrived home to Omemee Ontario I did some
research and found that this art form is called Intarsia.
I found some sorces for patterns, ordered a few simple
ones, purchased some tools and lumber, and I was
hooked on Intarsia. I retired from my full time job in
April of 2004, and I  found that in a year or so I had the
house full of Intarsia pieces. The full house is the reason
that I now offer my pieces for sale. I make my patterns
out of 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood, and therefore can use
them again and again. Compared to most of the Intarsia
that I have seen, I do a lot more raising, lowering and
shaping of the individual pieces than most people do.
This gives my pieces a much greater three dimensional
look than most that I have seen. If you have enjoyed
looking at my work, please pass it on to your friends.
In July of 2009 we moved to Lindsay Ontario,This is only
a move of about 15 miles. The reason? Smaller house,
Smaller lot, and less upkeep to be done.
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Thanks for  taking a look at my intarsia. Please
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